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Alberta Organ and Tissue Donation Registry

Lacombe Registries Ltd. can now register your consent with Alberta Health Services to become an organ and/or tissue donor. This is a free service for our customers.

What you need to know:

- The first priority of health care professionals is to save lives. Your choice to be a donor does not affect the quality of life-saving medical care you receive.

-Everyone has the potential to be an organ and/or tissue donor, though you must be at least 18 to register your intent or consent to donate.

- There will be no cost to your family or estate for the donation of your organs or tissue.

- Organ and tissue recovery will only happen after every effort has been made to save your life.

-Organ and tissue donation should not affect preferred funeral arrangements

- More than 4,400 Canadians, including more than 500 people in Alberta, are on the wait list for an organ transplant.

- It is important to share your organ donation choices with your family and friends.

-Registration to be a donor may be updated or withdrawn through the website., or by calling 1-780-422-9657.

Not sure if you want to donate for transplantation purposes? You can opt out of the transplantation donation and register for either Medical Education, Scientific Research, or both.

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