Knowledge/Road Testing

Road tests can be booked online by clicking the button below, or by coming into the office.    

All cancellations or rescheduling can be done in our office, or over the phone. Minimum of 48 hours notice is required.

Knowledge Tests:

We offer every class of knowledge test available (including MELT 1 and 2 testing). In order to write an exam the client needs to bring in passport, birth certificate, or government issued identification card. Government policies do state that registry offices need to have their testing stations in a central location. This ensures the exam is not compromised in any way. That being said, we encourage our clients to bring in head phones (class 7 testing only), in case our office is busy or the client has troubles focusing in public areas. This allows the test to be read aloud to the client and helps with their focus levels.

NOTE: The Government no longer prints Driver's Guides. To access these guides online, click one of the books below.
Driver's Guide (Yellow)- Class 7 
Commercial Driver's Guide (Orange)- Class 1,2,3,4
Rider's Guide (Red)- Class 6 (Motorcycle)
New road tests will be uploaded periodically, please keep checking back if it says its full. Advanced road test will be held on Mondays only, due to the availability of our examiner. Class 5 basic road tests will be available every week day.
***Parental consent is required for anyone under the age of 18 to obtain a class 7,6 or class 5 GDL licence.***
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