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 Online Renewal Options

Automatic Online Vehicle Renewal

Online Manual Renewal

One of your options to renew your vehicle(s) online is to sign up for an automatic renewal provided through the button below. Once you click the button, you will be prompted to create an account. This will then allow you to add in the vehicles you wish to automatically renew. It will also ask you to input a credit card, to be automatically charged upon your renewal month. In order to ensure your vehicles get processed on time, you will need to sign up for the automatic renewal prior to the 1st of the month you expire in. 

The online manual renewal is a service provided by the Alberta Government through their online My Alberta Digital ID portal. If you are wishing to manually renew your vehicle's registration you MUST be set up, and verified through the Alberta Digital ID system. By renewing through this portal your vehicle will be renewed in real time, and you will receive a digital download of your registration file. This file will be available for you to download for 365 days. If the download does not show up, the client is responsible for contacting My Alberta Digital ID to rectify the issue. Lacombe Registries does not have access to the digital file. Click the button below to renew your vehicle(s) today.

Are you worried about remembering to renew your registration? Click the button below, select Lacombe Registries as your preferred registry office and enter your information to receive an e-reminder. The Government will send the reminder via email or text message. Once you receive the reminder you can choose the "Renew Now" option to have your registration conveniently mailed out to you.
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