Easy Online Renewal

Are you tired of waiting in line every year to renew your registration?  Or are you tired of being sent away because you don't have insurance present in the office for each vehicle? Go online to process your vehicle renewals in the comfort of your own home today, and put all your worries to rest. Click the easy renew button below to renew your registration now.
When completing up the easy renewal you will need to grab both your registration, as well as your insurance. The mock insurance below, and the mock registration above indicates the information you will need to input into the sign up forum.
Are you worried about remembering to renew your registration? Click the button below, select Lacombe Registries as your preferred registry office and enter your information to receive an e-reminder. The Government will send the reminder via email or text message. Once you receive the reminder you can choose the "Renew Now" option to have your registration conveniently mailed out to you.