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Lacombe Registries now offers the convenience of ordering Personal Property searches (Lien search, individual and business debtor searches etc.) and Corporate Registry searches from the comfort of your own home. Click the link below to pull your search now!!

Buying a new vehicle? Search to see its registration status, where it was last registered, and if there are any liens. Click the button below.


Are you tired of waiting in line every year to renew your registration?  Or are you tired of being sent away because you don't have insurance present in the office for each vehicle? Go online to process your vehicle renewals in the comfort of your own home today, and put all your worries to rest. Click the button below to renew your vehicle online as well as explore the many other services you can use you Alberta E-Services ID to order. Some of the services include ordering specialty licence plates, getting a duplicate registration card, applying for an in-transit permit or ordering a birth certificate (special parameters apply).

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